• Avi Cantor

Meet Chad Watson: The next big lyricist out of LA

If you like Maxo Kream, ScHoolboy Q, Andre 3000, and spacey, hard-hitting trap beats Baldwin Hills, LA rapper Chad Watson is the artist for you. Songs like "Chad Chad Chad", "She Don't Eff With Rappers" and "WOAH" offer the intricate, off-kilter flows that serve up a fresh plate of nostalgia for rap fans of any age.

Born David Watson, Chad grew up practically living in the church. He and his family would go to church three times a week and were very religious. As much as he loathed this experience as a kid, he began to appreciate what the church offered him as he grew older.

"I definitely value it for the structure that it gives me morally, and even the way I heard and experienced music," Watson said.

However, despite developing an appreciation for music at a young age, it wasn't until two and a half years ago that he started taking music seriously after going through some creative roadblocks.

"I hadn't any motivation to create or pursue anything musically. After dealing with this, which I believe many of us do, I found an inspiration to put myself in a more conducive energy. Once I was in a better space, I felt the drive to use my musical composition training and the lyrics and Melodies began to flow out," Watson explained.

After getting over these issues, Watson began dropping music and hasn't looked back since. His new project the unimpressible is meant to "push the envelope" and give his audience "an intimate and uninhibited glimpse into my otherwise mysterious persona".

Outside of music, Watson enjoys running, playing basketball, and even makes his own clothing with materials he finds in downtown LA.

" I...buy leather patches for customizing pieces, and I also make bracelets that I get complimented on quite often honestly," the rapper stated.

This Saturday, the young rapper is set to perform for Clubhouse in Las Vegas at the M Resort Hotel and looks to release the visual for his track "Chuck Bass" on March 21st.

Stay tuned for new music, follow him on Instagram, and check out his work on Spotify below!