• Avi Cantor

Meet Chief Will: The visual media mastermind behind your favorite artists and influencers

Chief Will has worked with talent ranging from Mustard, to Quavo, and the late Nipsey Hussle.

LA native Chief Will is a director/photographer that has done work with everyone from UCLA basketball standout Sharife O’Neal to rap heavyweights like Mustard, Quavo, and the late great Nipsey Hussle.

Growing up in Crenshaw with two supportive parents helped give Will’s life structure as well as the tools to take life by the horns and make what he wanted from it.

Will’s creative journey began in 2016 when he decided not to pursue playing basketball after college. The young visionary uses his experience in athletics to help fuel his visual media career explaining that he has “a chip on my shoulder about how I go about my business”.

He also said that he’s “a competitor by nature and I let that same drive to be better than my opponent push me in everything I do, especially my work now.”

This competitive, perfectionist nature has opened some amazing doors for the visual artist. However, the experience he cherishes most is being able to work with Mustard and Nipsey Hussle, shortly before his untimely death.

“Nothing beats that night at the studio between Mustard and Nipsey. Just being there first hand to capture that was amazing. Mustard had been trying to connect with Nip for a minute and so for me to be there was just surreal timing,” he said in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine.

Looking towards the future, Will recently linked up with Kalan FrFr to film a music video that’s slated to be released this month. They recently collaborated for "All Alone," and "Keep That Same Energy," which you can check out below.

Check out Will on Instagram @chief.will and stay tuned for more of his work!