• Tallie Spencer

Meet Cody Jozeph: CEO and founder of Independent Studio Recordings

Learn more about how Jozeph got to where he is today, how he has grown his platform, and plans that he has for the future.

"We want to reach everyone that needs a platform and a place to stage their voice and art."

That's exactly what Cody Jozeph is doing. As founder and CEO of an independent record label called Independent Studio Recordings, Jozeph is running his own music business. And now he's using his platform to provide opportunities for upcoming artists in the industry in order to give them a voice and a platform they otherwise wouldn't have.

Since Independent Studio Recordings was founded, the label has managed to release a few different projects, and has some upcoming work on the way that they are excited for their audience to hear.

Jozeph has accomplished all these things while spearheading the initiative for his own clothing brand, 717 The Label. He aspires that one day his clothing brand will be a recognized brand that takes over the globe.

Learn more about how Jozeph got to where he is today, how he has grown his platform, and plans that he has for the future.

Talk to us about what inspired your start in the music industry?

From a very young age, music and art were things I couldn't get away from. I always had headphones in my ears and was always reading about the industry. Growing up hearing artists that found a way through art and the freedom of creativity is really what spiked my interest from an early age. Seeing hard work pay off ... that is what has always inspired me.

You said you were based in British Colombia in Canada, what was it like growing up in your city?

Growing up in my city is like many others ... people searching for a way out. There's not many jobs that you could consider a career which makes it difficult for many people of all ages. A lot of people turn to the streets and do drugs for answers. I always wanted to get out and find a way, always working on something and doing something is what I found to be important here. The Art Scene is actually very abundant, you can find artists of all kinds of artists here, but they are all searching for platforms and outlets which is something we do not have. [A platform] is something I want to give. There just isn't enough people giving back to our community and that needs to change urgently.

Who are some of your main influences that inspired your career in this industry?

My main influences in the industry growing up and to date would be: Tupac Shakur, Jimmy Iovine founder of Interscope Records, NWA, Ma$e, Dipset, Classified, Snak The Ripper, Termanology, Statik Selektah, Nipsey Hussle, Master P, Tory Lanez, Dave East, Kevin and Dreka Gates -- the founders of Bread Winners Association.

What projects are you currently working on and who are some artists you’re currently working with?

Currently we are working on our labels' first album. We have collaborations with many artists in Canada & the States, but we are keeping them a secret for now.

We are also working on a series of Volume. 2 follow ups to the following mixtapes.

Alchemy | Volume. 2, Strictly For The love Of Music | Volume. 2, and The Rotation | Volume. 2

We are also working on a mixtape that people have been wondering about for a while... that has been kept quiet until now.

P R E S S U R E | Volume. 4 ( The Run Off )

Since you’ve been in this business, how has your career evolved throughout the years?

I started very small in the beginning and began educating myself on the business -- learning things very quickly. I learned that getting things off the ground is very difficult.

We have evolved from small local things such as our clothing drops and local mixtapes and events, to sharing venues with the likes of Mobb Deep on the Prodigy Tribute tour who swung through our city a couple years back. We also shared venues with Stealth Bomb Records, Junk, Stretch 9, Kairos, Locksmith and so many others to name.

Additionally, we've expanded our clothing brand 717 The Label to areas in New York City and Los Angeles, California -- and even Japan. Our clothing brand is something we really want to keep growing. We are still working on officially launching our online store, and dream to open a store front one day to house our brand.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in this music business?

I have learned that this business can be very unforgiving and that you have to keep your circle very small. Don't pay attention to any bullsh-t or feed into any negativity, don't stray off-course to where you are going. Staying focused can be very difficult at times, but you need to stay grinding everyday. Never waste your time. I also have realized in the beginning at least for me, I found myself doing a lot of things for free to promote ourselves, giving out free merchandise and free mixtape slots among other things just to get out there and build the platform. In those times, it's important to keep your integrity as an artist, brand or organization. Always stay true to yourself, mistakes are simply lessons. And never give up in the goal you truly believe in.

Do you have a project you are currently promoting? If so what is it called and where can our readers find it?

Right now we are currently promoting another mixtape series: Her Story | Volume. 1

We have no release date, but this will be very soon.

What are some of your goals for your career in the future?

Our goal for the future is to take our record label to the artists in Canada to give them a platform I feel like will never be offered because of our demographic. I want to give artists an outlet that they so desperately need -- locally, and across the country. It's also my hope to build a global clothing brand known worldwide something different than everyone else.

We want to reach everyone that needs a platform and a place to stage their voice and art. We want to be a label that cares more about the art and artist more than the money.

You can follow Cody Jozeph on Instagram @Cody.Jozeph.

Stay up to date with his Youtube channel as well: www.youtube.com/c/OfficialSOSTV