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Meet Journey Montana: The next big R&B star

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

With the backing of Equity Distribution, Montana has a team behind her who is driving her straight into stardom. I had the pleasure of catching up with the 17-year-old songbird to discuss the inspiration behind her "Case Of The Ex" video, working with Haitian producer Bnyx and having a voice a young African American girl. Checkout the full interview below.

Who is Journey Montana?

Journey: Singer songwriter born in Los, Angeles raised in Harlem, and developed in Atlanta. I am the next household name.

What do you feel like makes you unique as an artist?

Journey: What makes me unique as an artist is my relatability, my songwriting style and my versatility which will be showcased in my forthcoming EP.

What occurred in your childhood prompting you to want a career as a singer?

Journey: I was always in school plays and musicals as a child and even though my mom always knew what I was destined to do, when I started performing I realized my ability to spread positivity. That inspired me the most. Just being able to inspire others through performing, using my gift, and now my music, I think when I realized that, and my potential impact, I decided that this is what I am meant to do.

What was the inspiration behind your new “Case of the ex” single?

Journey: I had terrible toxic ex who wouldn’t get the memo so I put how I felt into a song and sent it to him.

What has it been like working with Haitian producer Bnyx?

Journey: Me and Bnyx have actually never met. We’ve only talked a little through Instagram but he seems like a pretty down to earth guy. He’s extremely talented as well. When I first heard the track he had made, I was already was working on something in my session. But, I scratched it and started working on that instead because I thought it was so great.

How have you been able to remain creative during Quarantine?

Journey: I’ve picked up a few new hobbies and mastered a few others I have been experimenting with. I have also been teaching myself how to vocal coach and recording it so I can continue my classes at home.

Who do you hope to one day create music with?

Journey: I would really love to collaborate with J. Cole, Travis Scott, and Sza as they have always been at the top of my list. As far as my fellow emerging artist, J.I, Flomilli, and Lil Tjay and Sheff G. I feel like all of our styles are so different and a I feel like a collaboration with any of them would be really dope as I could definitely have a lot of reach.

Why is important for a young black women like yourself to have a voice?

Journey: It is important for women like me to have a voice so that other girls can have someone to look up to and be inspired by. If it weren’t me having so many strong black women all around me growing up I would not see it being possible for me to do a lot of things. There are so many girls that don’t see any young black women following their dreams and having a voice so this changing could inspire so many to do things they may have thought they couldn’t by seeing that it’s possible.

When can we expect a full body of work from you?

Journey: We can expect a body of work very soon, Im working on it everyday, i’m so grateful for my team and can’t wait for everyone to hear!

Checkout Journey Montana's "Case Of The Ex" visual below.