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Meet Keish Monique -- An LA native who created her own lane in the entertainment industry

Keish Monique is an example of a trailblaizer -- to say the least! As the founder and Editor-In-Chief of music blog HypeOffLife, she has paved a lane of her own and has curated a platform that sheds light on upcoming artists and talent.

"Hype Off Life was created based on a need I recognized in the culture," Monique told Remixd Magazine. "A lot of people were complaining about the lack of good music, artists not getting the recognition they deserve, and the onslaught of negativity in mainstream media. So, instead of bandwagoning, I decided to do fill that gap. It’s only been up from there."

Monique decided to fill the gap in covering music news from her own perspective. Having a background and knowledge in music and the arts, it only made natural sense for her to create a platform of her own where she could creatively express her talents. Monique has conducted interviews with several talented artists, including Toosii, A$AP Twelvyy, YoYo, and more.

Keep reading to learn about her journey.

Tell us about who you are and where you are from?

I’m a LA native, that has always been obsessed with music and the arts. I spent my time in South Central during my childhood, before moving to View Park, which is part of Black Beverly Hills in my teens. It was during that time that I flourished, being in the choir, band, leadership, etc. So, I’d like to say Hype Off Life is a natural extension of who I am at my core. How would you describe yourself in a few sentences?

I am very head-strong. When set my mind to something, there’s nothing that can stop me. I’m also very much into reading, photography, personal development and the outdoors. How did you get your start in the industry and what do you currently do?

I got my start in the industry by creating my Hip Hop blog, WestCoastKeish.com. It started off as a lifestyle blog. But, then artists kept sending me music, and I loved that they valued my opinion. So, I decided to keep that vibe going. After a year or so into it, I started interning at RESPECT magazine before launching a my own platform after I graduated college. What does your company do? Hype Off Life provides a platform for artists and entrepreneurs that don’t get the recognition they deserve. Whether mainstream, underground or somewhere in the middle, I like to spotlight artists and entrepreneurs that are doing dope things for the culture, regardless of views and follower counts. So, we do a lot of exclusives, interviews and even premieres from artists all around the world. We also have a weekly segment, called “Hype Highlights” where we highlight the best new releases from upcoming artists. I pride myself on saying that Hype Off Life doesn’t fall within the current gossip culture or other forms of negativity. With us, it’s all about the upliftment and progression of the culture. Who have you worked with? Include LINKS to projects

I’ve done interviews and features with a lot of dope artists, like: BKTHERULA: https://hypeofflife.com/bktherula-nirvana-interview/ A$AP Twelvyy: https://hypeofflife.com/asap-twelvyy-interview-2021/ Louie Rankin: https://hypeofflife.com/louie-rankin-typewriter-ox-belly-interview-2019/ YoYo: https://hypeofflife.com/yoyo-interview-love-hip-hop/ Troy Taylor: https://hypeofflife.com/troy-taylor-interview/ Toosii: https://hypeofflife.com/toosii-interview/ We also put out a print and digital issue. Our last cover story was on Jared Brady, with features from RINI, Omah Lay and OMB Peezy: https://hypeofflife.com/issue-3/ What skills do you have that led you to be able to start this company?

I have over 15 years of experience in writing, web design, graphic design, and online marketing. Do you have any role models or influences that have guided your journey?

I would have to say growing up, I looked up to Diddy the most. Just something about his hustle inspired me to be great, and look good while doing it. What words of advice would you have for aspiring young entrepreneurs?

Keep going. Even when things don’t seem like they’re working or moving, keep going. Most people quit 3 feet before the finish line. What goals do you have for your company in the future?

Right now, I’m focused on growing our print and digital magazine to astronomical numbers. I also want Hype Off Life to have a reputation of breaking new artists, on the daily. Stay up to date with Keish on Instagram @lowkeyinlosangeles.