• Avi Cantor

Meet Yonatan Watts: the multi-talented producer behind your favorite artists

Ynatan Watts has produced for artists such as Ariana Grande, Eric Bellinger, Desiigner, and more!

Canadian producer Yonatan Watts is making serious strides towards becoming the next big producer out of Canada. With producing credits ranging from Ariana Grande and Desiigner to Jessie Woo and Def Jam signee Saint Bodhi, Watts is quickly building a name for himself in the industry. However, the young talent has been in the global spotlight for quite some time.

After being told at a young age that he had a knack for singing, the then 18-year-old decided to go on the Candian spin-off of "American Idol" and made it past the top 100, proving to the audience and himself that music was the career for him.

"To me, it's the feeling and the transformative nature of music that can shift moods and can make people feel. When I used to listen to old CDs and vinyls, the music touched me in a way that nothing else could. This feeling I knew I had to continue feeling for the rest of my life," Watts said.

Despite producing for such big acts at this point in his career, Watts maintains a devotion to having a diverse body of work.

"One thing I want fans to take away is that I’m a real producer/singer/songwriter I’m diverse and can’t fit in a box because I always surprise people with what I can do," Watts explained.

Looking towards the future, Watts has collaborations with Jordin Sparks and Tamar Braxton on the way but chooses to keep many of his plans private in order to surprise his fans.

"I can't wait for everyone to hear what's coming next," he stated.

Check out some of Yonatan Watt's discography below!