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Mickey Shiloh's 'Girl Talk' compilation project showcases versatile talents

Girl Talk is a compilation album hosted by groups 'HRDRV' (pronounced "hard-drive") and 'ILL' (Isadore Noir, Luna Byrd, and ladidai) and featuring talented artists such as Mickey Shiloh, Mona Soul, Gingerr Rust, Maya Batra, and Isadore Noir. The project includes 10-tracks and was created as a result of the 'Girl Talk' event -- a program for women run by all women, made to help them with writing, networking, in addition to learn what it is like to navigate being a woman in the music business from other notable women in the industry.

The event occurred in honor of women's history month, and the attendees participated in a week full of panelists, networking with songwriters and producers, and received one free mix/master and also created a sound kit. Lastly, as one of the camp's tasks, the campers collaborated on a compilation project which culminated as the 'Girl Talk' album.

Mickey Shiloh opens the album with a solo hip-hop inspired track, "BAG$," a fun and melodic, and poppy anthem. The second and third tracks, "Stallions," and “Phil Of The Future '' feature participants Gingerr Rust and Mona Soul, Gingerr Rust who blend R&B/Soul, Jazz, and Bedroom Pop. From the beat to the rhythm and lyrical content of both tracks, Gingerr Rust and Mona Soul deliver.

Mona Soul then continues the vibes on the fourth track with an impressive vocal arrangement on “Tsunami." The fifth track, "Glazed," is by Maya Batra, a Los Angeles singer-songwriter and producer. She has an impeccable musical career as a graduate of the 1500 Sound Academy, and she blesses every track she’s on with an angelic sound.

Track six “Scorpion Queen” is a standout, as Isadore Noir delivers some bars and catchy flows. It’s a fiery track that was produced by Ge Oh, and mixed by fellow Girl Talk artist Maya Batra. The track is a certified anthem, as it showcases Isadore's voice with a rich and full beat to "back it up."

Maya Batra and Isadore collaborate together on the album’s seventh track, "Rollercoaster," a rich and somber song detailing the ups and downs of loss and coping with losing loved ones to addiction.

“Toxic” is the name of track number eight and Gingerr Rust makes her solo debut on the project, giving audiences all the vibes.

The following track, "Been Away," by Isadore, is also a standout track, as it delivers seductive and positively spectacular melodies. The final track, "Wake Up Call," again by Maya Batra, is a short, near and dear song that is more ethereal and emotional, if anything else, setting a mood.

Check out the Girl Talk album below!

About HRDV:

HRDRV is a record label run by the founder Mickey Shiloh, an artist, entrepreneur, and multi-platinum selling songwriter who has been making waves in the industry for well over a decade. From working with legendary artists such as Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Pitbull, LL Cool J, Jeremih, Iggy Azalea, Jason Derulo, JLo, Rita Ora, and Omarion, to name a few, Mickey Shiloh has proven time and time again Mickey Shiloh is someone to watch closely, as she bound to impress.