• Michaela Greene

Moneybagg Yo drops a creative visual for single "Wockesha"

Rapper Moneybagg Yo undoubtedly has one of the hpttest songs out right now with his single "Wockesha." By co-directing alongside Ben Marc, Moneybagg has released a music video for "Wockesha" that takes the track to another level. Including a Lil Wayne guest appearance and a floating double cup transforming back and forth into a woman, this creative visual is a must-see.

"Wockesha" is a single off of Moneybagg's certified gold album, A Gangsta’s Pain. The track acts as an insane double entendre as the name Wockesha represents both a woman and codeine addiction.

“One minute I’m done with you, the next one I be runnin’ back,” Moneybagg raps while having visions of the purple drank. “Go your way, I go my way, but somehow we be still attached."

The music video includes a re-enactment from Lil Wayne's 2009 interview with Tim Westwood where he expressed to “not worry about what’s in his cup” when asked if he was still drinking lean. Moneybagg fittingly uses that as an intro to the song as the music video depicts him falling deep into his version of the sunken place due to his "love affair" with the drug.

By Moneybagg sampling DeBarge's single from the '80s, “Stay With Me,” the mix further nails into his toxic ties with lean and always having to run back to it. This metaphor is especially shown in the video’s ending moments, where Moneybagg falls into a giant styrofoam cup, still holding on to that love for Wockesha.

Be sure to watch Moneybagg's newest music video for "Wockesha", and stream his album A Gangsta's Pain out now on all platforms!