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Moses Mosima's latest project is a reflective exploration of self-discovery and navigating love

Philadelphia-based musician, Moses Mosima shares vivid journey through heartbreak and self-love on 9-track project 'Cul De Sac.'

After sharing a handful of singles, including his viral track "Different," Philly-based musician Moses Mosima drops off his new, self-produced 9-track project, Cul De Sac.

From deceptively fun tunes like "Downpour" to free spirited, genre-blending jams like "Full Bloom" Cul De Sac finds Moses Mosima wearily guiding listeners through the dismal feelings during a heartbreak while offering a bit of hope along the way.

"I just want to take a moment to thank all of the wonderful friends and fans who've pushed us to create this experience. Thank you for holding steady with me since 2016. We worked so hard to give every song you see here a video; we're not done dropping just yet! Meet me at the Cul De Sac," Mosima stated in an Instagram post.

Stream Cul De Sac below, and if you like what you hear, be sure to save the song on your preferred streaming platform here.

Or, check out Moses Mosima's most recent project, Cul Se Sac, below.