• Sabine Agnant

Mozzy walks down memory lane in new release, "Straight to 4th"

California born rapper, Mozzy released his new single “Straight to 4th” from his album Untreated Trauma, set to be released on 17th September, 2021. The new release follows "Unforgiven," his previous single, but the song is also a tribute to his childhood friend Skeem, in which he talks about the hood, the struggles that those growing up their face. Mozzy, for his new and emotional single, opens up to his listeners on a tragic event; losing his best friend.

Directed by Sug, the video opens up with Mozzy sitting between what seems to be a support group, tapping into his listeners’ everyday pain by using his own; how he lost Skeem. The video showcases stunning cinematography, which is in line with the real and raw content that his fans expect of him. "Enduring pain until we can’t no more/ I told my dawg we gone be rich, he told me say no more."

The message in the song is directed at those who despite their depression, the anger, the pain, the tears and the struggle, get up every day to make it happen. The sentiment stands out in the following lyrics “Loved hardly, love you back so I don’t love hardly."

Mozzy’s fans who relate to his songs, claim that Mozzy’s flow and rhythm is similar to that of the previous legend Tupac, who stood out for his storytelling. When Tupac passed away, “Gangsta Rap” was thought to have died with the rapper, and brought back to life only by Mozzy, with his raw and unfiltered emotions captured in all his verses.

The references made to both the divisions of Sacramento (the city where he grew up in), both the south and north, Oak Park are all in honor of all that he and Skeem went through as children, until he lost him. The artist is rightly named as not only a rapper, but a poet with a message that his listeners relate to on personal levels. He talks about the struggles of growing up in the hood, with no privilege, caught up in hood wars and depression.

Check out the new video down below!