• Michaela Greene

Multi-talented artist Alicia Lov releases newest single "Talk"

Updated: Jul 6

"Talk" is out now on all platforms!

Alicia Lov is back with her latest single "Talk" which is out now on all platforms. Alicia Lov, (pronounced Ah-lee-see-ah Low-v) has a real talent for storytelling, and it's evident in her latest track. With an angelic sound and an effortless flow to match, this growing talent is showing the world what she's capable of.

Alicia Lov unlocks her vulnerable side in her latest single "Talk" by communicating a relatable message about getting over a breakup.

"This project is about me believing a guy's bullsh*t when I really shouldn’t have," stated Alicia Lov in an interview with Remixd Magazine. "It is also about showing another side to my sound that listeners haven't heard yet and I’m excited for them to see this energy."

Following her previous single "Criminal" which included a stunning visual with striking choreography, Alicia Lov's track "Talk" also has a music video in the works, which audiences are highly anticipating!

"I had so much fun shooting the video for 'Criminal' and I have a feeling this one will be even better," Lov said of "Talk."

"Talk" also incorporates a Dancehall beat that will make this a track something you could vibe with this summer.

"Dancehall music is definitely one of my little pleasures. The music video was inspired by the fun times you can have once you get rid of the guy who did you wrong," she continued.

As Remixd Magazine interviewed Alicia Lov, she expressed her innate love for performing and being on stage.

"I always loved singing, dancing, and performing from when I was a little girl," stated the artist. "Being a competitive dancer for most of my life taught me that bad b*tch attitude with a competitive edge, and showed me how to have that confidence and personality on stage."

The confidence and talent Alicia Lov holds are evident, and the artist takes her passion seriously as she continues to strive for greatness.

"I couldn't picture myself doing anything else, because any other path just wouldn't be the right one," she says. "It's hard to describe such a unique, powerful feeling but the thought of becoming a success in the music industry and seeing my hard work pay off, and being able to do my favorite things for the rest of my life makes my heart start to the race, and anyone else who feels truly passionate about something knows that feeling. Like a kid in a candy store."

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