• Deion Higginbotham

Jay Millian shows audiences what “Karma” looks like in new visual

Updated: Sep 4

"Karma" serves as a great accompany for the song, bringing the lyrics to life.

West Coast artist Jay Millian is bringing in the heat with his latest visual "Karma." He just dropped the new video and he's already turning heads. The creative project, which was directed by Blu and self-produced by Jay Millian himself, showcases the theme of what 'karma' actually is all about for Jay.

"'Karma' is exactly what it sounds like," Jay Millian said in a recent interview. "But more specifically, it's about a love story burdened by trust issues, relationship issues, and the result of everything that comes with that."

The visual definitely has an LA vibe, set inside a coffee shop that the audience can see he works at. The 5-minute long video starts off with Jay running into work late and dealing with his current girl's attitude. Jay gets a call from her while he's at work, asking who "Porscha" is and why he's liking her pictures. Then, Jay's boss comes to the back and interrupts him -- asking why he isn't getting any work done and letting him know that he's about to be fired if he keeps it up.

He meets a new girl while serving her food and drinks and is immediately star struck. Singing lyrics like “I want you to myself” and ”she’s the baddest,” -- Jay appears ready to move on and leave the girl (who is also cheating on him) to the streets. The video ends with Jay getting fired from his job, however he does end up getting the new girl number! Talk about Karma!

The visual serves as a great accompany for the song, bringing the lyrics to life and showcasing Jay's versatility as an artist. Jay Millian is just getting started with music, but he's already off to a great start and has some dope things lined up for the future.

"My goal is to start a new wave," he said. "I need everybody to hear the sound I'm trynna create, which is a mix of G-Funk and Neo Soul. I call it Gangsta Soul, or G Soul for short."

In addition to cultivating his own lane with music, he's currently rehearsing to open for Blxst on his upcoming "No Love Lost" tour.

In the meantime, check out the visual for Jay Millian's "Karma" below.