• Tallie Spencer

Nana Elan talks inspiration behind debut EP 'Baggy N’ Boujee'

"I’m very passionate about music because it’s a beautiful part of life that keeps my heart alive and moving in the midst of obstacles," Elan told Remixd Magazine.

Nana Elan is an R&B artist born and raised in Long Beach, CA. Music has been part of her daily life growing up, and she first discovered her voice through choir when she was a toddler. Now, she's having a full-circle moment as she recently released her debut EP Baggy N Boujee which is out now on all streaming platforms.

Her background in music comes from being raised by her grandmother, who helped raise her in a church setting and allowed Elan to discover a love for Gospel.

"Being raised by my granny, I grew up in church which definitely paved the way I discovered myself along with my voice," Elan told Remixd Magazine. "Sundays gifted me with soul and purpose as Gospel was the first genre I was introduced to. My grandpa played the organ, while making sure he groomed and defined my vocals to perform choir solos at a young age."

Nana Elan describes her vocals in the range of "mezzo soprano."

"My delivery is expressively smooth, yet soulful, very versatile, and dynamically creative," she said when asked how she would describe her sound.

With one of her main influences being Rihanna, Elan says that her inspiration comes from the singer because she inspired her at an early age and actually met her.

"Meeting Rihanna when I was 10 was a huge statement to my future in music," Elan explained. "Introducing myself to her as Nana, a young singer, she loved my style and energy, warning me that I would be great and to never stop! She then autographed “Oh Nana” which gave me every reason to believe I had purpose. This conversation soon inspired the way I grew into the confident “Nana” I am today!"

Now, her debut EP Baggy N’ Boujee is an incredible work of art that speaks to who Nana Elan is as a rising artist.

"This EP expresses my sexy-tomboy style which contrasts with my elegant but nonchalant personality," Nana Elan said. "Each record gives a women the feeling of dominance, high standards, with a mix of appeal and toxic energy."

The melodic project showcases Nana's skills as an R&B singer and gives her audience something to look forward to.

When asked what message she hopes audiences take away from her music, Nana Elan stated that she wants them to:

“Hop of the porch and follow your desired path no matter what age. Give your all to the dream, but remain true to yourself on the journey. Never settle.”

Make sure you stream Baggy N Boujee below! And keep up with Nana Elan on Instagram!