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Nardo Wick shares music video for "Wicked Witch"

Nardo Wick has just shared the cinematic visuals for his track "Wicked Witch", a key-record off of his debut album Who Is Nardo Wick?. The video shows Nardo and his counterpart in an old-style saloon following the aftermath of an aggressive confrontation. The vivid visuals are akin to a classic action film, and show Nardo comfortably starring as the leading man. The music video only accentuates the haunting notes of "Wicked Witch", and gives an extra layer of depth to the sharp song. This song was initially teased a few months ago, and ever since his fans have been desperate to hear it in full. Now, with the release of the music video for "Wicked Witch"––they are seeing Nardo's creative vision for the track fleshed out in its entirety.

Nardo Wick bursted onto the scene in mid-2020 with a string of releases, including “Lolli”, “Slide”, and “Came Up.” Music gave the shy teen an outlet to channel his angst and was accompanied by a fast-following. Though he's soft-spoken off the mic, when Nardo enters the booth, the raps he produces are dynamic and haunting––a reflection of Jacksonville's turbulent hip-hop scene. In 2021, Wick transitioned from making buzzing records to inescapable anthems. “Who Want Smoke?” became a widespread hit, with the track eventually earning a Platinum certification. The song reflected a menacing teen with a no-nonsense approach to life and music balancing between being captivating and fearsome. Wick followed this with the Nick Mira-produced “Pull Up” in July. In August, Nardo released "I Be Chillin", an exciting addition to his growing discography. Then in October, after "Who Want Smoke?" initial explosion, Nardo delivered a new rendition of "Who Want Smoke??"featuring hip-hop's Avengers: Lil Durk, 21 Savage and G Herbo. Not only did Nardo add that star-studded lineup to the hit, but the music video was handled by none other than Cole Bennett and Lyrical Lemonade. Between the remarkable features and cinematic visuals, Nardo set himself up for a certifiable hit–– with the song debuting at #17 on the Billboard Hot 100. The success didn't stop there––the music video for "Who Want Smoke??" has been trending in the top three positionof the US Top Music Video Chart on YouTube since its initial release 8 weeks ago. His most recent single Me or Sum (feat. Future & Lil Baby) is a lavish offering from Nardo and 2 of Atlanta's biggest icons, and yet another example of his knack for collaboration at the highest level. On December 3rd, Nardo released his highly-anticipated debut album Who Is Nardo Wick? to thunderous acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Check out Nardo Wick's video for "Wicked Witch" below!