• Michaela Greene

Natalie Reign drops her latest single "Lose Your Mind" featuring OVO artist TVGUCCI

"No matter where life takes me, music is the one thing that never leaves my side," Natalie Reign told Remixd Magazine.

Toronto artist Natalie Reign has released "Lose Your Mind"; A single about freedom of expression, movement, and having fun. An upbeat and energetic track inspired by deep house pop music, the single encourages listeners to feel confident and express themselves in the best way possible. "Lose Your Mind" also contains a smooth feature from OVO affiliate TVGUCCI. A collaboration that was completely unplanned according to Reign, ended up becoming an absolute gem. The artist describes the memorable night in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine:

"I had a session that evening at Abstract Studios with my engineer Ante and had just finished recording the song," Reign said. "In walks TVGUCCI, meanwhile “Lose Your Mind” is playing back in the studio. As we’re all listening back to the song and catching a vibe, TVGUCCI walks over to Ante, exchanges some words, and sits in the chair ready to record. I kid you not, this guy records a full-on verse on my song in a matter of minutes and kills it! I was in complete shock and was surprised that he had enjoyed the song so much that he decided to jump on it. In conclusion, expect the unexpected."

One thing listeners can expect from Natalie Reign is the delivery of quality music combined with remarkable creativeness. With the last name "Reign" symbolizing royalty, power, and strength, Natalie has dedicated her career to embody those vital traits throughout life and express them to her listeners.

"Always follow your intuition and do what feels right to YOU. Never allow negative energy to deter you from doing what is meant for you because what is meant for you will always be there." explained Reign.

With influences from powerful and influential women such as Lauryn Hill, Jazmine Sullivan, and Teyana Taylor, these artists showcase the blueprint that Natalie Reign plans to follow within her music career. With her Russian upbringing, the culture itself has played a role in Natalie Reign's introduction to music and shaped her overall perspective on life.

"Russian-style parties always involved live music, dancing, and a lot of food. I remember hearing music constantly playing in our car rides with the family and was introduced to 80’s dance mix playlists, ABBA, Boney M, and other musical legends. Overall I believe that my upbringing has shaped my open-mindedness, encouraged me to explore different sounds, and has given me a great appreciation for artistry as a whole."

Natalie Reign's passion for music was inspired by needing a way to express herself and having trouble with doing so with just words alone. The presence of music itself brought out emotions that allowed the artist to pen down her thoughts and feelings.

"It has and always will be one of the things that have helped me get through the darkest times in my life, and has proved to me that I can share my story with the world. It is both the scariest yet rewarding career out there." Natalie expressed. "The great thing about music is that there are NO rules; you are the creator and in control of what happens, and I can guarantee that there is a song out there that represents almost any mood, emotion, thought, and experience. My inspiration mainly comes from life itself; because let’s be real here, life can be pretty interesting right?"

As Natalie Reign continues to work on new music, be sure to keep up with the artist on Instagram and stream her single "Lose Your Mind" out now on all platforms!