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Nepal-born artist Pinkish Bravo shows off talents in visual "Cupio Dissolvi"

Ahead of "The Longing" release, get familiar with Pinkish Bravo through his music video for "Cupio Dissolvi."

Pinkish Bravo is a Nepal-born alternative-R&B artist from Boulder, Colorado. Bravo burst onto the scene with a cosign from Jacob Moore (Pigeons & Planes founder) during the first weeks of lockdown in 2020. At this time, Bravo began to amass a fanbase drawn to his existentialist lyrical content, dynamic vocal performances, and concealed social media presence. Bravo has developed an infatuation with merging the realms of experimental, fringe expression with pop accessibility, and he strives to do so with every release. He has demonstrated immaculate musical range and prowess, even winning the University of Colorado's LibCast podcast contest in 2019. In 2021, he is set to release his most ambitious project to date. Bravo Goodboy is a collection of 8 songs, each paired with a visual, presented one-by-one, in episodic fashion. Each song-video pair is a vignette inspired by various dreams that Bravo found to be compelling enough to dissect, reflect upon, and present to the world. He is set to continue this project with "The Longing", to be released September 30th. For this project, he draws inspiration from an eclectic array of musical sources ranging from 80's post-punk (Joy Division, Talking Heads), to legendary contemporary alt-R&B artists (Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, FKA Twigs), and art-pop icons (Kate Bush, Björk, Beach House). His biggest inspiration for Bravo Goodboy, however, stems from his love of film, and specifically the works of David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Eraserhead) and Akira Kurosawa [Dreams (1990)]. Bravo's surrealist take on contemporary styles, along with his one-of-a-kind visual storytelling ability, has him residing in his own lane and providing a journey that begs to be tuned into.

Check out his visual for "Cupio Dissolvi" below.