• Avi Cantor

New Music: ImSoMaleek releases new EP 'Soul Shift'

Soul Shift is out everywhere now!

Bronx native ImSoMaleek’s new EP Soul Shift is a five track effort that’s composed of new school R&B songs dressed up in old school outfits. Tracks like “I Got You,” “Bad Vibes,” and “Gotta Get Out” channel the rapper/singer’s 90s R&B influences while staying fresh and unique enough to captivate the listener’s attention.

Born Jeremy Maleek Leggett, ImSoMaleek has been making music practically since birth. Leggett joined his church’s choir at a young age and managed to land a spot on tour with country singer Kenny Rogers as young as 6 years old.

This opportunity was followed by an even more impressive stint as Simba in the critically acclaimed Broadway adaptation of The Lion King.

Since his childhood success, ImSoMaleek’s musical career has shifted drastically to fit his maturer tastes and his talents within the rap and R&B worlds. With the release of his 2017 mixtape Insomniak helped get his feet wet and get a name for himself as a talent to be reckoned with.

“ I feel like that project was and still is my favorite, That was me in my eyes maturing as an artist and really finding myself,” Leggettt explained.

Now that Soul Shift is out, Maleek is gearing up for his debut album King of the Hill which will be narrated by Harlem legend Dave East. Until then, check out Soul Shift and follow ImSoMaleek on all platforms below!

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