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New music review: Saint James Jr. - "la Rué"

Saint James Jr. dropped his newest single "la Rué" out now.

Photo: Saint James Jr.

Back with his latest single accompanied by a visual, Saint James Jr. walks us through "la Rué" (the streets) as he spits impeccably on this classic instrumental. It's a work of art and showcases his lyrical prowess in a way that continues to display the rising artists best efforts.

Marrying the silky beat with witty and introspective rhymes, Saint lyrically reflects on loss, his journey to finding his artistic crew in Luxembourg, as well as showcasing his lethal rapping dexterity on the new record.

"It's about me being back on road. What lead me to take the pilgrimage and find my people musically and artistically," he told REMIXD Magazine about the meaning of the song. "I lived in Luxembourg before & always grow well as an artist in a different culture."

The song gets deeper than rap at a point when the multi-faceted artist chooses to recall the demise of his niece during the pandemic, a moment he uses for strength and resolve musically:

"I challenged myself being vulnerable. By sharing that I lost my niece during the pandemic was a moment for me - showing my family I'm still hurting but fighting on for not only myself but for the family" he shared with us.

The track features a stellar music video directed by Ruben Duarte Pires, produced by Tino OG, and the beat by Serious Beats.

"The team is really respected. I appreciate them foreal foreal" Saint revealed to REMIXD Mag.

Check out the song, music video and lyrics below:


La Rue

I’m on la Rue ( 3x )

Catch me on la Rue

Bus 192

Tell you What It do

Luxembourg City shoot

Feeling like the Louve

A Wildin night with Crew

Eating fettachine with the suits

Damn I’m feeling Bouge

Saumur Crystal stew Making moves

Strip Club Getting loose

Damn I’m on la Rue

This Sandro

Paris where the Vangos

Hood but he handsome

That’s the brand though

Fitted black feeling Hansel

Model pics is ransom

Milan fashion fandom

My pace steady

Stance coo

I’m on la Rue

Nah fuck ya crew

Yea the system too

We the Crabs in stew

Violent acts

Just tryin to move

They pick and choose

Rather escape than take ya mans estate

So I’m on la rue

I loss my niece this can’t be true

Wonder nights like what to do

Man My life is screwed Pray to God

To see my mental through Damn I feel I lose

My music brewTo see my people through

I risk it all for few

I see imitates so I shake

I stick and move

A fickle feud

I see the snakes intrude

You fuckin fools

I’m on la Rue

I grind

I grew

Escaped the cube

they put you too

Conscious thoughts

Is what I put you through

This knowledge free

You feel the stream exude

My flow

so issue

can’t fit the rule

It’s so uncoo

To have to fake

For Who?

A nigga gone be who He be

My trend set the mood

Ya tude unexcused

See the Corporate steal ya moves

So Across the pond I move

A nigga global coo

So I’m on la Rue