• Jason Leal

New music: Type Uno shares new heartfelt project 'FOR the LOVE'

Type Uno's FOR the LOVE is streaming everywhere now!

LA native Type Uno is from Windsor Hills and has been making music since high school. He's on a roll and has created a lot of dope music. Now, he's taking things to the next level with his brand new project FOR the LOVE which is out on all platforms.

The eight-track project is a concept record with the theme transpiring into "a true love story." Type Uno regards FOR the LOVE as being a true story about what he went "through and all the feelings that played a part, you have the love side of the project, and then you have the cold-hearted side of the project."

Although this project just dropped, Type Uno says that fans have a lot to look forward to from him in the coming months. As far as what he's working on after this project, Type Uno says he wants to release merch.

"Next for me is merchandise, keeping the ball rolling with this project," he said. "I do have a new project I’m working on already while this one is about to roll out, shows, music videos, bunch of singles I’m looking to drop. No release dates but after this project FOR the LOVE you’re going to see me releasing new music."

FOR the LOVE project opens with "ME AND YOU," a boppy single that is pleasant, sensual, and the perfect meet-cute story. The song is a narrative story about meeting the right girl you "admire" and find "attractive." The following song, "REST OF MY LIFE," features a sample from TLC's "No Scrubs," making for a loveable and idiosyncratic track. The track is perfect. It has this; I think I found the love of my life type of spirit, serenading your girl, making her feel special.

The third track on the album, "TIME WITH YOU," is about being in love, unconditionally in love, "every single day giving it" his all. The song is the perfect love song, giving everything you have to make the person you love and encourage the happiest. Type Uno doubles down this idea with his track, "PROMISE," promising they will love each other and treat each other like "gold." The song is sweet and full of the optimism of young, new love. It seems four tracks in Type Uno have found the love of his life, the woman he trusts and connects with and admires the most in the world.

The fifth track on the project isn't a single at all. Instead, it is a poem entitled, "THE IDEA OF WHAT WAS TRUE (POEM)." The poem is an entertaining and moving piece about the decaying of a relationship; as an anonymous woman ends on the line, "the idea of what was true got lost."

The sixth track is the switch or the juxtaposition of the project. After the fifth track," THE IDEA OF WHAT WAS TRUE (POEM)," Type Uno follows up with his single, "NO MORE," where he details how he can't love her anymore because he can't trust her. The song has a hard-piercing beat with more bass, as Type Uno showcases his versatility and thematic genius. The changeup, but using a poem, a traditional medium for expressing love, separating the love songs from the breakup songs is brilliant.

Type Uno follows that with his only pre-released single for the project," BULLSHIT," featuring Brevin Rowand and Tyler Loyal, detailing how Uno's girl was messing with another guy. The song is a good-ass breakup song when you don't want to fuck with your ex anymore, finally leaving the situation and realizing you are better off without them. He then finishes the album with his song "CAN'T HOLD ONTO YOU," finally shutting the case on the relationship. From good to bad, Type Uno realizes, even if you give your relationship your all, your partner can still disrespect and use you, and that was never true love.

Type Uno is a must listen to with his hit project, FOR the LOVE. From his cadence, beats, wordplay, subject matter, and album theme, he is sure to make a name for himself after this release. Be sure to stay tuned in with Type Uno on Social Media @type_uno.

Check out Type Uno's latest project, FOR the LOVE, below!