• Tallie Spencer

Nicole Ivy is ready to "Go" with new single

"Go" is available to stream on all platforms.

Nicole Ivy is an independent R&B artist that has been writing music since the third grade when her mother bought her a journal and a piano. Her journey in music started at a young age, and her passion for music was realized when she found out that she had an ability to sing. After getting her start in the industry by performing on cruise lines, Ivy developed a true artistry for creating and writing music. Since then, she's been pursuing her passions whole-heartedly and is not letting anyone or anything get in her way.

She recently dropped a new single called “Go,” which is a sultry R&B tune that shows off Ivy's vocals. The R&B singer wrote "Go" during a time where she was madly in love and was convinced she had found her forever love. In the song, she explains how people do anything for true love, and that her and her significant other can "go" anywhere together no matter the place or how far.

As an authentic and talented artist, Ivy stands out among her peers in that she is motivated to succeed. "Go" serves as a testament to her talents and positions herself as someone who is capable of creating her own lane in the industry.

You can stay up to date with Nicole Ivy on Instagram @nicoleivymusic, and be sure to stream her single "Go" below.