• Jason Leal

Nocturnal expresses thoughts on music industry in latest visual, "Run It Up"

"Run It Up" offers a critique on the music industry's tendency to overlook talented artists.

Nocturnal is an artist from New Haven, Connecticut, but currently based in Los Angeles, California and is making a name for himself. He's a conscious rapper with an introspective East Coast sound that can be described as "pain, vulnerability, honesty, and authenticity." Describing his sound as "modernized backpack, boom-bap sound, with a mix of soul to it," he's an artist who definitely stands out from the rest and lets his talents speak for himself.

In his latest track and visual, "Run It Up," Nocturnal talks about the complacency of artists in the industry, even when they have to change their sound and even themselves to get a record deal. The track is about Nocturnal and how he's overlooked in the music industry by labels. However, by the time they want to sign him, they want to change his entire persona. Showcased in his visual, he is kidnapped and forced to assimilate, overpowered, and constrained to wear a bag on his head, fitting in with all the other industry executives.

Nocturnal's visual is a masterpiece illustrating how the music industry and the music executives will change your sound and everything about you. Leaving the question, what is left to the artistry?

With a plethora of hits from "Car Ride Home" and "The Culture," it is no wonder that his latest visual for his track "Run It Up" hits the way it does. Nocturnal is not shy from making a hit record.

Nocturnal leaves his fans with another powerful message, staying true to yourself and your art. He's just getting started; with a bunch of new music on the way, he will be "dropping two to three tracks a month for the rest of the year." Nocturnal also says he currently has two projects in the works, with no specific release date, but you can expect them soon. So be sure to follow him via social media @mg.nocturnal on Instagram and @mgnocturnal on Twitter.

In the meantime, check out Nocturnal's latest visual, "Run It Up," below!