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NYALLAH shares harmonic new single and visual "Owe U?"

"Owe U?" has a powerful message that calls for the protection of Black women.

Rising artist NYALLAH (they/she) recently released their dynamic single and visual for "Owe U?" -- a melodic and soulful track that emphasizes their signature sanguine jazz style and showcases their talents as a singer.

"Black girls don't owe you no favors, Black girls don't owe you no labor," NYALLAH sings on the track.

The song is a sonically pleasing work of art that was released during Black Music Appreciation Month -- serving as an ode to Black femmes across generations and presentations. NYALLAH calls for the protection of Black women while highlighting the power of "the Black queen." In the visual, NYALLAH and friends look to be having fun with friends and dancing in different settings -- keeping the energy ultimately light but impactful with the subject in their lyrics.

NYALLAH continues to keep the momentum strong for their music, having also performed for notable venues and events such as Afropunk Brooklyn, Art Hoe Collective, Queens of the New Age, and the El Rey Theatre.

Drawing from legacies of individuals such as Nikki Giovanni, Nina Simone, and bell hooks, NYALLAH's new single “Owe U?” is a fresh reminder of Black femmes’ power.

According to NYALLAH, "the song sits on difficult themes of violence, justice and movement organizing among rich harmonies and candid cries for change."

While the subject of these themes are heavy, NYALLAH finds a way to gift the audience with their storytelling skills, making for an artistic and harmonious track that has a powerful message.

Check out the visual below! And keep up with NYALLAH on IG @N.yallah.