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OGPD Is Staying True With New Mixtape “MPR” Out Now!

Updated: Sep 17

With a sound defined by his roots growing up in the Bronx paired with Southern and Caribbean influences, OGPD is carving a space for himself in the music industry, and the future looks promising. As a self-made artist and entrepreneur, OGPD aims to have his music, as he puts it, “motivate all people to not only dance and feel good, but to also go out and get it.” Released last month, his latest mixtape “MPR” is an ever-truthful ode to that intention. The mixtape, a sequel to his last EP “1050” which dropped earlier this year, is riddled with his smooth, catchy melodies. OGPD rides the beat with ease, telling stories of the hard work it took for him to get to where he is today and the fruits he’s bore along the way.

Being born and raised in the Bronx by his DJ father--one of the biggest DJs in uptown New York in the early to mid-90s—inevitably acquainted a young OGPD with the art of music, but he took a special, organic interest in the process of making it: the instrumentation, the structure, the technique. Soon, he started learning on his own, albeit behind the scenes. But after being encouraged to pursue a music career of his own, OGPD finally took the plunge. “Now I’m doing my thing in front of the camera,” he says.

With goals of building his collective “1050” to taller heights and plans to invest in other business ventures, OGPD is refusing to put limits on himself. He wants to be a mogul, and he hopes to give back in the process. Through and through, however, fans can rest assured that there is more music, more visuals, and more of his fleshed-out creative visions to come. With “MPR”, OGPD leaves a lasting message. “Anything is possible,” he says. “Stay true to yourself and don’t change for nobody.”

Stream OGPD’s latest mixtape “MPR” here and on all streaming platforms! To watch the vibey visual for his hit single “24:7” off the album, scroll below, and to look out for all his future work, ventures, and music, follow him on Instagram, @_OGPD_!