• Michaela Greene

OMB Bloodbath pays homage to George Floyd and Houston upbringing in her latest video "Don't Do It"

OMB Bloodbath has not let her past overcome the abundant success of her present and future.

Cruising through her beloved neighborhood of Third-Ward Houston, OMB Bloodbath makes a statement in her newest music video "Don't Do It", by confidently spitting bars as she shines light on her roots that made her who she is today.

Directed by Jon Primo and Edgar Esteves, "Don't Do It" reveals OMB Bloodbath's undeniable Texas swag paired with a demeanor that embodies strength.

In her recent interview with Complex, the LVRN signee declares the new video as being historical.

“'Don't Do It' is a real turnt up song, but the video is historical," Bloodbath told Complex.

"From the murals to the people in it, everybody has their own legendary roll within the neighborhood. We shot the video in the Cuney Homes, one of the most infamous projects in Third Ward. We also shot some scenes in the back of George Floyd's house where he was born and raised. The video really shows the history of Third Ward and it means a lot to my hood, myself, and my city."

George Floyd's murder at the hands of the Minneapolis police last year had a direct effect on OMG Bloodbath, according to a recent interview. In a guest editorial for Billboard, Bloodbath opened up about her connection with Floyd -- describing him having a heart of gold. “He was everyone’s uncle and godfather," she said.

"If you came up in that area, you knew who he was. He was just a very warm-hearted, nurturing dude. Anybody who was young and coming up, doing something with their lives, he made it a purpose to encourage them."

Be sure to watch OMB Bloodbath's brand new music video "Don't Do It" down below!