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Pastel Papi opens up about how his upbringing shaped him & talks new single "Tweakin"

Pastel Papi spoke with Remixd Magazine to talk about his life in South Central LA, his unique sound, and what it was like growing up in Los Angeles.

South Central native Davon Lavor, better known by his artist name, Pastel Papi, is an up-and-coming artist, making waves with his raw and ethereal sound. The artist started pursuing music full-time in 2017-2018 and has since proven where he needs to be, in the booth making music. He recently released a new single titled "Tweakin," which perfectly portrays his versatility and unique style of making music.

Pastel Papi used to enthrall film, and while he still dabbles in photography, music is his passion and dream. The Los Angeles artist states his life in LA has shaped his perspective and understanding of the world. Papi defines himself as having a multifaceted style and sound, encountering and observing things that influence him in fashion and sonically.

"I grew in between wealthier and poorer neighborhoods in LA," Pastel Papi said. "I lived deep in south-central my whole life but would travel around different parts of LA. So it always gave me perspective, and I was exposed to a lot of different lifestyles and sound early on [...] My style is really versatile because I got to see and hear so much. I got to see everything growing up, the good and the bad."

Pastel Papi describes himself as having a "versatile" style and sound, finding that living in LA has allowed him to experience and see things that have influenced him.

He has attributed his experiences to his unique style and sound, which have made him the artist he is today. Pastel Papi also says that he takes influence wherever and whenever he can get it. Some of his musical influences include Kanye, Pharell, Drake, Pusha T, and Don Diestro, the artistry and craft of his talent are impeccable and evident in his visuals for his music videos.

Only a few months after the release of his debut project, Maybe Tomorrow, Pastel Papi says he is working on something big, and while that may take a minute to come to fruition, he tells Remixd Magazine that new music and visuals are on the way! His goal is to start crafting "short films around Pastel Papi," and if it is anything like his work on "Lifestyle," Pastel Papi will undoubtedly be the next big-ticket item to watch out for in the up and coming years.

Pastel Papi said new music is coming along with a video for "Tweakin," which is about the difficulty of love and loving somebody.

"'Tweakin' drops on the 1st of April, but the video comes out on the 19th of April. Super excited for both, but I really can’t wait for people to see the visual. I think it’ll express my idea of narrative and who Pastel Papi is and really start to introduce the film side of things," Pastel Papi said.

Davon says that he wants his music career to help people find happiness.

He says that he wants people to "accept [their] crazy, losses, or whatever 'bad parts' of [themselves] and make it beautiful."

His sound and music are ethereal and will take you to another place emotionally and metaphysically.

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Stream Pastel Papi's latest single, "Tweakin" below!