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Peso Peso returns with new album 'El Patrón'

Texas City, TX-native, Peso Peso has just released El Patrón, his latest nine track project with features from fellow Texas rappers Drippy and Sauce Walka. The project follows his previous single "Andalé" which was released on Cinco De Mayo with the announcement. As the title insinuates, Peso Peso sees himself as a boss in his own right. On El Patrón, Peso chronicles the adversities he faced on the come up in his Galveston County suburb on tracks like "Da Truth Hurts" while flexing his hard earned street credentials on "Where You Been At." Despite being on house arrest, Peso Peso hasn't let his legal woes get in the way of making music and performing shows in Texas. He's currently planning on setting out on tour this July.

"when they asked me if I signed to Sauce Walka, "shit, hell yea had to sign fast" / shit my momma smoked crack, my daddy smoked crack, and I had to live around that / man the shit I seen at a young age really had a ***** down bad / I jumped right on those streets yea I had to do it, I was robbin' *****'s I was packing tools / and they parents ain't want me round they kids, used to tell my granny i'm a bad influence"

After signing to Sauce Walka's Houston, TX-based label, The Sauce Factory, Peso Peso exploded onto the scene with the release of his breakout single,"Hardest Ese Eva." The song and album of the same name catapulted the young rapper's career, resulting in three subsequent albums, dozens of singles and EP's, tens of millions of streams, and features and collaborations with Trippie Redd, Jackboy, HoodRich Pablo Juan, and Maxo Kream – all as an independent artist.

Despite his immense talent and recent success, Peso Peso still sees himself as an underdog within his community and the music industry at large. He's lived a life between cultural divides and has always had the odds stacked against him, but with the release of his latest project, El Patrón, Peso Peso is finally ready to boss up and stake his claim to the throne as one of Texas' hottest new rappers.