• Jason Leal

Philadelphia artist Tok releases "Vision," a bop with a mesmerizing cadence

Tok has made a name for himself with his unique and versatile sound, opening up for Jahlil Beats and Rick Ross, making him an artist to keep an eye on in the future.

Philadelphia native Tok, pronounced 'toke,' based in Atlanta, is an artist with an unprecedented flow, charm, and overall aptitude for rapping. One thing is evident Tok is only getting started, and he has much more to come. Tok has a way of adapting to any beat, whether a hard-hitting beat with lots of bass sound or a slow, smooth R&B song. He can do it all. Most recently, Tok just released his latest track, "Vision," a hard-hitting lyrical rap record that seeps introspection.

"Vision" features this melodic beat that is positively spectacular, juxtaposed to a hard bass with a gritty and stern voice, Tok, is sure to impress any listener. He delivers an authentic and genuine sound, transcribed in his lyricism. The single is strong, motivational, making you feel like anything is possible.

The flow and rhythm of the track make for an enjoyable record that is motivational and fun-loving yet has this flashy side that makes you feel like he's at the pinnacle of his ability. Yet, the song has this introspection and sorrow tone in some parts, speaking on legends dying and the morbidity and realism in that line, juxtaposing to feeling like you are in your bloom.

"I'm something like Mike in his prime, treating ni**a's like sheep, I'm eating like a lion. I feel like when I say that I'm the one. I'm not lying. But I can't understand why these legends keep dying."

Tok delivers on multiple levels with his latest single, "Vision." From the songs, impeccable beat, which doubles as a background vocal, and lyrical content, Tok is making way for an incredible career to come.

Tok is set to release his forthcoming EP this sometime this summer, so be sure to follow him Via IG @ItsTok/Twitter @ItsTok_.

Check out Tok's latest single, "Vision," below!