• Michaela Greene

Pisceze explores confidence and sexuality in her latest single "Daddy"

Updated: Jun 28

"Daddy" is out now on all platforms!

Singer-songwriter pisceze releases her new single of the year called "Daddy," that embraces a mix of high energy, confidence, and dazzling vocals. By mastering the art of channeling her inner-self, the Toronto R&B artist delivers an authentic project with the drive of healing and uplifting those who listen.

Pisceze's start with songwriting back in 2018 unlocked an enchanting passion for creating music as a way to transfer positive energy to her audience.

"I’m a true Pisces, we’re known to be in tune with our emotions," Pisceze explains in an interview with Remixd Magazine. "Being highly intuitive and sensitive are traits of myself that I feel led me to the original music meant to touch my fans."

Her latest single "Daddy" reveals a time when Pisceze was feeling sexy and confident. "I hope my fans get the same kind of provocative and powerful energy from the song."

As she dives into this chapter as a new artist, Pisceze is excited to try different sounds and techniques that will ultimately enhance her craft.

"I believe being open-minded is very important as being an artist. It doesn’t mean you’re not true to yourself - it just means you are not afraid to do things outside of the box. I don’t believe in the phrase “I can’t” - I always ask ‘how can I?”

Pisceze also emphasized how her family, her team, and the act of love play as a catalyst to her growth as an artist. "Whether it’s a friend, platonic, relationship, or family, My creative process consists of taking what I go through and applying that to my music."

By drawing into her Korean and Japanese background, Pisceze also showcases a performance for her latest project to bring awareness to Asian heritage month.

"I feel like it is important to acknowledge and celebrate Asian culture and history. Especially now, with all the anti-Asian hate crimes, it’s great to see that you are using your platform to encourage positivity."

When asked what message she wants fans to take away from her music, Pisceze stated:

"One phrase I always say to everyone: No matter where you are, what you’re going through, Remember who TF you are.”

Make sure you stream "Daddy" below and stay up to date with pisceze on Instagram!