• Tallie Spencer

Premiere: K. Johns Tha General gets intimate in new single/visual "Mood Swings"

K. Johns Tha General's "Mood Swings" samples Pop Smokes "Yea Yea (Remix)."

Los Angeles artist K. Johns Tha General is switching things up this time around with his new single "Mood Swings," which is officially out now on YouTube. After teasing the single on socials all week, audiences finally get to see the highly-anticipated visual, which showcases K. Johns in his R&B bag for the first time. The song features a smooth beat paired with K. John's rap vocals, which add a balance to the track and compliments the tone of the song perfectly.

The song displays a new side of K. Johns that gives audiences an insight into the emotional persona of him -- positioning him as someone who's not only a rapper that can deliver hard-hitting bars, but as someone who is able to connect and reveal a side of him that audiences don't often get to see.

"Every real n---a need a real b-tch," he raps to the smooth beat.

He raps about making someone his, toes in the sand at the beach, and stating how every king needs a queen.

"Boss you up I'm just trynna put you on to game, in your own lane, all these other bitches lame," he raps to the beat.

The song/visual samples Pop Smoke's "Yea Yea (Remix)" and shows K. Johns in various settings, including riding around in a big-body Benz, visiting the park with his love interest, grabbing a bowl of fruit together, and finishing the night off in each other's arms.

Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind the track "Mood Swings," and peep the visual below.

Tell us about the inspiration for the song and why you decided to switch it up?

The inspiration for "Mood Swings" actually came from a conversation about me not having enough music for the female crowd. After the conversation I kinda felt challenged, so I had to see if I could successfully switch it up lol. I wrote the song that following day!

What is the song about in your own words?

This song is about the daily emotional roller coaster that most n---as go through dealing with women but try to hide.

Do you see yourself doing more songs in the R&B-vibe lane?

Most definitely! I’m a creator/artist not just a rapper. I see myself trying new things.

What do you want audiences to take away from this song/visual?

I want the audience to take away my versatility as an artist, also the overall message in my lyrics.

Who directed/filmed the visual?

My team director and camera man J. How (@JHowardPhotos) directed and filmed this visual. He also did the “Scandalous Freestyle” on my YouTube channel.

What are you currently working on? What's next for you?

Currently I’m working on multiple visuals and another tape. On this next project I plan on a few features which is a new thing for me, but I’m excited to keep the marathon going!