• Tallie Spencer

R&B singer Aria Bléu shares sultry new single 'Theory of You'

"Theory of You" is out now on all platforms.

Aria Bléu is undoubtedly a rising artist to be on the lookout for. She just recently released her highly-anticipated single called "Theory of You," which is a smooth R&B ballad that showcases Bleu's unique talents and vocals. The track provides a soothing, laid-back vibe that makes it easy to listen to.

The single has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction and was described as her most successful release week to date.

The Neo-Soul/R&B artist, previously known as Kelsea Johnson, got her start in the music industry from placing as a Top 24 contestant on NBC’s The Voice, where she gained her initial fan base on Team Alicia Keys.

Now, she creates music that is nostalgic and extremely relatable. On the new song "Theory of You," Bleu sings about falling for someone based on their potential and getting caught up in the "theory" of them, as opposed to the reality. The sonically in-tune track puts audiences into a trance-like state of mind as the vibrational beat and the smooth vocals provide a soundtrack that can be played anytime and anywhere.

Listen to "Theory of You" below.