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R&B singer Mookie Tolliver talks new EP, musical influences, & working with Sammie and Dondria

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Rising R&B star Mookie Tolliver is putting on for his hometown of Madison, Illinois in a major way. After finding success with mainstream acts such as Dondria and Sammie, he is on pace to leave his mark on the R&B world. Coming fresh off the release of his new More About Love EP, Tolliver serves up an impressive body of work that is one for the books. I had the pleasure of catching up with him for a candid conversation to discuss how he has found success in the music business, what its like working with influential R&B stars and his new EP More About Love check it out below.

How would you best describe your sound?

Growing up I admired many artists that inspired my music sound. I was a big fan of Michael Jackson, Jagged Edge, B2k, Trey Songz, Lyfe Jennings and Usher just to name a few. They have all been influential to my music. In many ways, I felt that their music was very enjoyable and relatable. I remember the way that i felt listening to those artists and I wanted my supporters to indulge in my music the same way. With that being said, I would describe my sound as deep and heartfelt with a 90’s-2000’s R & B style. I love making music that is full of emotion that my fans can feel, relate to and connect with.

How has being from the STL area impacted your decision to pursue music?

What impacted my decision more was rubbing shoulders and doing shows with artist I grew up watching on tv. Like Murphy Lee, Jibbs and Fresco Kane. My motivation came Nelly, St. Lunatics, Chingy, Pretty Willie, J Kwon and Raw Reese. They overcame the odds allowing them to pave the way by opening doors and creating opportunities for artist like me. I feel Saint Louis and Illinois crowds are tough critics when it comes to music, if you can please them you could make it anywhere.

What has it been like working with mainstream R&B acts such as Sammie and Dondria?

Since working with both Sammie and Dondria my motivation and mindset has changed a lot, through that short process I was able to learn more about the business then ever, The way people view me as an artist has changed as well since then I stay out more, my fanbase has grown, more opportunities has come my way and I’m very thankful for that.

Describe the process of landing a placement with Dondria.

I’ve watched Dondria since her early youtube days, however the video that really made me want to have a collaboration with her was her singing Keke Wyatts at Nene Leaks party. She has a unique and special voice I felt like our styles would mash well together, so I reached out. I purposed a song called “Forever “with her verse already written, it was easy for me to write “Forever” because it was a past experiences. This is my first placement, seeing the fans recite her verse via twitter and Instagram is really a morale booster.

What was the inspiration behind your latest material?

Me accepting things for what it is, letting go of my past mentality and expressing them emotionally through my music. I was able to find myself.

What is up next for you?

Be on the lookout for more music, videos and I have some shows lined up one will be Nov 14th in Springfield, IL with Mario and Willie Taylor (of Day 26). I plan to land more song writing placements along with pursuing an acting career as well. I believe you should use all your talent to your best abilities because you never know which one would be your big break.

How can we stay in touch with you and learn more about you?

You can stay in connect with me on all social media @MookieTolliver my supporters can get to know me through my music, watching interviews and engaging with me through this journey.

Click here to steam Mookie Tolliver's More About Love project.