• Michaela Greene

Rapper EZ Papi tells a story about love and pain in his latest project 'Trapped Emotions 2'

"Music saved my life more than anything, that’s why I go so hard."

EZ Papi released his newest project, Trapped Emotions 2, an Afro-Caribbean-inspired album that successfully supplies the summertime vibes. As artist EZ has created a project inspired by Shakespeare's story-telling, he showcases an intricate story about love and pain that will surely resonate with his listeners.

"Shakespeare's work is something I’ve always been a fan of and appreciated," said EZ in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine. "I wanted to create the same heartbreak and romance he had in his work except turning it into a collection of songs."

The Kansas City native was brought up on a concentrated blend of Hip-hop, R&B, Reggae, and Dancehall, looking to inspiration from artists like Jay Z, Prince, Michael Jackson, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Drake, and Barrington Levy.

"Those are the people who got me into wanting to leave a stamp in the industry," expressed the artist. "I plan on changing the culture like those guys and becoming legendary all the way around, inside and outside of music!"

By fusing African music with hip-hop and dancehall tendencies, EZ has a universal resonance and one that undoubtedly stands out. As EZ continues to grow as an artist, he plans to use the inspiration from uplifting his fans to fuel his journey.

"I’m passionate about making music not only because it brings joy but it also can heal and save someone’s life. My music is nothing but good energy and dance vibes. I want to keep spreading good energy around the world. The fans and supporters I have inspire me more than anything, it’s almost like I can’t let them down."

As EZ releases Trapped Emotions 2, he has a message to his fans and supporters to know that "They aren’t the only ones going through emotional roller coasters in life."

Be sure to stream EZ's newest project Trapped Emotions 2 out now on all platforms!