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Rapper T-Dvinci shares new single "I Miss You"

"I Miss You" is out now on all platforms!

Rapper T-Divinci is a force to be reckoned with. The upcoming hip hop artist is based in Inglewood, California and just dropped a new single called “I Miss You,” which has been gaining traction and bringing attention to T-Divinci's name.

The upbeat single shows off her rap skills and abilities as a talented artist. On the track, she shows how she's not afraid to be vulnerable and be herself.

"'I Miss You' is really just one of the records where I boast about my life as a former trap girl," T-Divinci said. "You know I've been in the streets since I was 13 years old and came up selling dope (caught a case and everything) -- so it's just basically me being my cocky self and trying express how I how I feel to a love interest."

T-Divinci, who's name was inspired partly by Leonardo Divinci, says that she's known since the age of five that she's wanted to be a musician. Growing up, she says that she listened to a lot of gangsta rap, which contributed to some of her main influences being Nipsey Hussle, Tupac, Kanye West, & Lil Kim.

When asked what message do she hope fans take away from her music, T-Divinci said that she wants her fans "to be inspired to be great and not let anything stop them."

As far as what T-Divinci is working on next, she has an upcoming project that audiences can stay tuned for.

"Right now I'm working on Divinci Code: The Book of Trapahontas and that's set to release sometime early next year," she stated.

In the meantime, follow T-Divinci on social media @tdivinci and stream "I Miss You" below.



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