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Review: 'Summer Nights' by Tmcxj ft. Chris Catlin

"Summer Nights" is a fun, catchy track that you can replay over and over again.

Independent artists Tmcxj and Chris Catlin team up to deliver a brand new song "Summer Nights" to audiences. Fresh off the release of his debut EP VYBZ, Tmcxj is back with a single where he continues to show off his skills as a rising talent.

The song is an upbeat, catchy summer anthem and definitely something that you can play on repeat. It's a song that audiences can cruise to, vibe to, and ultimately blast from their car speakers.

On the track, the Compton-raised singer effortlessly sings and raps on the beat about the summer nights that he enjoys. "Riding through the city with the top down, making sh-t pop now, oh yeah yeah," sings the catchy hook. The two make a dynamic duo as Catlin's melodic R&B voice compliments the beat perfectly, while Tmcxj seals the deal and makes for his most impressive release to date.

The high-energy track truly shines a light on Tmcxj's vocal ability and range. He proves himself as an artist who is capable of being multi-faceted, as "Summer Nights" is different than all of his other songs. All in all, "Summer Nights" is a fantastic song that will remind audiences to have fun, enjoy the moment, and appreciate some of the simple things in life.

Listen to "Summer Nights" below.



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