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Richie Valentino drops off new project ‘Multiple Personality: Volume 2’

Long Island’s very own Richie Valentino is back with the second installment of his album ‘Multiple Personality: Volume 2.’ The highly anticipated project comes a year after the first project, and since then Valentino has seen much success. The new project showcases a dope new sound from Valentino, and he’s definitely coming with some heat this time around.

The 10-track project is filled with bangers. It sees features from Jim Jones, Obasi Jackson, and Blue Diamond, all of which add versatility to the project. Standout track “Forever Cooking” featuring Jim Jones is one single on the project that can be described as a catchy anthem, and a song that anyone can vibe to. Not only has he released and collaborated on another single and visual with Jim Jones for “Tiddys,” but Valentino has also been hard at work in the scene of Long Island, New York. As a full-time concert and event producer, Valentino escapes to the nightclub when he’s not working on music.

However, his latest effort ‘Multiple Personality: Volume 2’ is a reflection of just how much his sound has expanded within the last year. This project showcases what he’s been capable of and showcases his rapping and singing talents. There are specific songs on the project that deliver a completely new sound that audiences are not used to from Valentino, but impress, nonetheless. He has a truly unique sound and there aren’t many that sound like him.

“My sound is incredibly versatile,” Valentino said. “I sing on some songs, others I rap very aggressively. Both voices are very different and many of my fans are always shocked how I switch it up so quickly. I have a song on my album called ‘Without Your Love’ where I sing & rap and it sounds like two completely different people, but in fact it’s me featuring me.”

As far as his background, Richie Valentino discussed his sources of inspiration and how he got into the music industry in a recent interview.

“I have been rapping my entire life,” he said. “However, I decided to take my craft more seriously after Chinx passed away, I was deeply hurt because I really connect to Chinx’s music. I realized that life was short and that nothing was more important than leaving a meaningful legacy behind.”

While his album title ‘Multiple Personality’ is truly a play on words, it’s accurate in the sense of there’s multiple kinds of personalities that Valentino displays on this project. Valentino continues to impress with this project and audiences can’t wait to see what’s next from him.

Be sure to stream ‘Multiple Personality: Volume 2’ below.