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Rising singer Law is tired of men's "Lies" and shows it in new visual

“I fell for it but now I know ….that he speaks fluent liar.“

Rising star songbird and entertainment personality Law follows up her successful “Controller” single, which even appeared on MTV, with another woman empowerment banger titled “Lies.” Smooth and seductive, Law delivers succulent vocals protruding to questioning lies men constantly tell women unnecessarily.

Law’s “venting” vocal ability is on full display for this single as she implores listeners to really question the “Lies” we are told on a day to day basis, basically she’s sparking conversation within the minds and souls of people all over! Long story short, Law is here to help women be free from toxic relationships and she has strong words to share about this release.

“I help girls catch their boyfriends cheating because I want to empower women with choice and the truth! When a man is lying to you it takes away your option to leave because you don’t have all the information! If I help bring women answers, closure, or truth then I’m gonna do that.” - Law in the concept of “Lies.”

To go along with the audio is a sensual visual with Law sleeping in a bed of “Lies” which represents women who deal with men who are not being truthful to their women and she wants to showcase that it’s not okay. Overall, it gives beautiful context and visualization to a single meant to bring comfort to women worldwide.

Law’s latest musical efforts is a continuation of her hit Tok Tok series “Catching Cheaters,” which was featured on E News Nightly Pop with Victor Crews.

“Lies” is available on all DSPs and the video is on YouTube.

Check it out below!