• Michaela Greene

Roc Kartel releases his newest project 'Time is Now 3'

Artist Roc Kartel continues to break the barriers of mainstream music. Known for his compelling lyricism and unique flow, his latest project Time Is Now 3 is an impressive body of work. This EP represents a meaningful message about personal events that took place in Roc Kartel's life. Including his latest single, "High Road," the artist continues to showcase his undeniable talent of making a powerful statement within his craft. Following his 2020 EP Time is Now 2, Roc Kartel extends the series with a project that will undoubtedly be enjoyed by listeners.

"On this project, I feel like I got a little deeper. My meaning for Time is Now is that ain’t nothing promised to us, not even the next 30 minutes, so I am not about to let anything at all hold me back," Roc Kartel revealed in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine.

Dating back to 2011 is when Roc Kartel first decided to pursue a rap career. He combined his innate passion for music and diverse upbringing to fuel the drive he has today in creating unforgettable music. “My sound today is influenced by my Hip-Hop and Reggae music background,” said the artist. “I was born into music. My Grandpa goes by the name of DJ Bob the Wiz. When I was growing up, he was one of the hottest DJs in the DMV. My father is a musician, my sister sings, and my brother raps. I remember being like 11 years old writing lyrics with my pops at his home studio. Music is in my DNA, it’s hard for me to live without creating music.”

Roc Kartel continues to deliver bars in his music as he speaks on how to be the change he wants to see in the world. With inspirations from legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Nas, Lil Wayne, and Bushwick Bill, this rapper is destined for greatness.

"I want to impact as many people as possible in a good way. I plan to tour the world because I want to touch people. The people matter the most to me. If I get those awards and all that, then that is cool too."

Roc Kartel continues to defy the odds with not only his sound but how he performs his music as well. The artist spoke with Remixd Magazine about his Street Performance Tour that gave him an outlet to connect with fans.

"This Street Performance Tour that I have been doing since back in January is called 'Time is Now Street Tour'. I decided that I was not about to wait for a venue to book me. I love to perform, so I hit up all the locations on the West Coast that allowed busking and performed," said the artist. "That is one of my proudest moments. Now we are doing it on a professional level out there. I still have some dates before the year is up. I have been living in my car while doing it right now; I rather pay my team before I pay rent."

This selfless artist will excel in life as he continues to give to others. As Roc Kartel continues to dive deeper into his craft, we can only expect nothing but gems coming from this rising talent. The rapper had one last message for his fans:

"No matter where you come from, at the end of the day it is all about where you ended up. I am going to make sure my fans know you can be all that you want. Just takes a little patience and consistent work."

Make sure to stream Roc Kartel's latest EP Time is Now 3 out now on all platforms!