• rosecransxave

Saviii 3rd releases new visual for "Rah Rah"

As the temperature in Los Angeles continues to steadily decrease, Saviii 3rd continues to raise his intensity and release crisp visuals with piercing lyrics. Today, he unleashes the visual for his new single "Rah Rah" produced by Dave-O, directed by YKTV. Since his viral hit "Just Another Day" in 2018 and his follow up "Batter Up", Saviii has had fans cheer him with the same ilk they would a closer in the 9th inning of a post season game. The energy Saviii brings is unmatched, but he's not for all that Rah-Rah as he clarifies with stone cold lyrics like "Face shot, what that skype bout? I'm not bout that life, I'm what that life 'bout" as his crew proudly stands behind him reinforcing his every word as bond.

Watch the full video below!