• Jason Leal

Sax B talks reinventing the saxophone and the message he wants his fans to take away from music

Independent artist Sax B chats with Remixd Magazine about modernizing the saxophone in music and expanding the genre of Jazz and R&B.

Ohio native Brandon Monford, also known by his stage name Sax B, is trying to reinvent how people see the saxophone, modernize it, and use it make unique R&B music.

"People associate the sax with jazz automatically, but I’m trying to incorporate a more modern vibe," Sax B said in a recent interview.

He recently released a project titled Sax & Company in August of this year. One of his most popular songs to date is from that album and it's called "In the Moment." Sax B describes it as his "best song to date," and it's easy to see how, as his melody of R&B and Jazz is truly unique and spell-bounding. In an interview, Sax B revealed how the project has a personal meaning to him.

"It’s an R&B album and dedicated to my cousin who passed away in June 2020," he told Remixd Magazine.

Another outstanding blending of Jazz and R&B comes off his very first project, Senlessness Love Ballad EP. The track "Butterflies" is a standout song and blends beautiful melodies of sax, typically associated with Jazz. The song flips to create an instant classic and forever vibe. It is easy to get lost in the incredible sax solo.

Sax B states his influences to be Kirk Whalum, Gerald Albright, Kenny G, Mike Phillips, and Trey Daniels, as being monumental in his career. Sax B also notes that music is his purpose. Sax B describes music as his "passion," a "universal language," that he has always appreciated and intrigued him.

His purpose in life is to understand music. Sax Bs mission is to "understand other people's versions of it while also creating my own." His goal has always been music-centered, noting all he wants his fans to take away is "that love exists and meant for everyone. It comes from within, and only once we discover it can we truly love another." There is nothing else Sax B could imagine doing besides making music, especially for his fans. It truly is his passion.

Stream Sax B's latest project, Sax & Company, below, and follow him on the gram @saxbmusic.