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ShaVazz Johnson talks future plans on making a difference in the world with his music

ShaVazz Johnson, the independent artist who is also known for his performance name

"ShaVazz the Weirdo", talks about his future plans regarding his music and the change he

aspires to bring in the world through his art.

ShaVazz Johnson, who is also most popularly known by his stage name “The Weirdo” is a

young and upcoming music sensation who has had an affinity for music ever since he was a

young kid. The artist has been writing since he was in middle school, therefore it won’t be

wrong to say that music is in ShaVazz’s blood. One can clearly feel the dedication he puts into his work as if he was writing and composing from the soul.

Having gone through struggles in both his personal and professional lives, ShaVazz can

empathize with the daily hardships of every common man. Hence the young artist believes

that if he hadn’t pursued music, he would be somewhere speaking in front of a crowd trying

to motivate the youth and spreading positivity. “I would be speaking to the youth every day on how one decision can change their life forever and spreading positivity in the world which I’m doing at the moment while doing my music,” shares ShaVazz.

ShaVazz’s main goal is to inspire the world to be more comfortable in their skin and to be

more positive for future generations. This thought stems from the fact that while growing up,

the artist was always mocked for being a “weirdo”. ShaVazz continued to be unapologetically himself, and adopted the word as his stage name, and now everyone knows him as ‘The Weirdo’- that too in a positive way. “I also want to continue to heal the hurting hearts with my Heal The World Positive World Movement,” says ShaVazz Johnson.