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Sim Simah has been "heatin' up" for his new upbeat single, "IM HOT"

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

"IM HOT" is out now on all platforms!

LA artist Sim Simah is coming in hot! His new track, which is perfectly titled, called "IM HOT" is the upbeat anthem that we've been waiting for. It's surprising, new, and energetic -- something that fans can usually expect from Sim Simah.

In a recent interview, Simah said that the death of George Floyd inspired the kind of new music that he makes today. He said that he feels as though many mainstream artists failed to use their platforms to shed light on the situation, which is why he's passionate about the music he's putting out into the world.

"From my perspective, I make music to grow as a person," Simah said. "Not just for clout and so everybody 'likes me.'"

As far as his new single "IM HOT," Sim Simah said that he re-wrote three times. Check out the song below!

In the meantime, the independent talent will be releasing a 5-track EP called Entropy Led Them, which will be his first project with features and will include appearances from Kent Osborne, Zair Williams, and Waju.