• Jason Leal

SK1NANDBONEZ goes full throttle in new video for 'F*cK It Interlude'

SK1NANDBONEZ follows up the release of his latest project, The Delta Way 2, with the visual for "F*ck It Interlude," a single from his newest project.

SK1NANDBONEZ pulls up with the squad in his new visual for "F*ck It Interlude," off his latest project, The Delta Way 2, released in January 2021. The visual, directed by Chuckey Films, is just a regular day on the block for the boys.

The visual opens with distorted effects with a sick transition onto SK1NANDBONEZ in a Corvette with his homie, living his best life and living it to the fullest. The visual features SK1NANDBONEZ on his block going crazy, burning rubber, driving fast, skating, and conversing with his homies.

"F*ck It Interlude" is a poppy and powerful anthem that serves the visual well, as it assists the anthem and feeling of achieving anything when you are with the homies. SK1NANDBONEZ raps about handling his business and haters with the help of his squad. "Told you not to fuck with us, ni**a with that stuff and such." As his homie hops around in the back, making for a genuine and dope scene.

The video provides a camaraderie as SK1NANDBONEZ and his clique skirt through their hood, posting up on the block burning rubber and giving for one hell of an entertaining video. As he raps about handling his business and people, he shows off his skills as an artist through his lyricism.

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Check out his latest visual, "F*ck It Interlude," from his most recent project, The Delta Way 2, streaming everywhere.