• Tallie Spencer

Splash Rob shares new turn up track "Right Now"

Cleveland-based artist Splash Rob has a new turn up anthem for you. It's called "Right Now," and its available to stream on all platforms. The track is an uptempo party song that anyone can dance to and play in their cars or in the club.

Not only does this track solidify Splash Rob as a certified hit-maker, but it also shows just how versatile he can be with the pen. He goes by @PartyWithSplash on Instagram, so you definitely know that he's an authentic party host who knows how to get a crowd to dance.

When asked about how he would describe his sound, Splash responded, "My sound is authentic, I want you to turn up like my brand is PartyWitSplash so that alone tells you I’m tryna get you hype but my voice is unique so it’s no autotune its raw."

"I’m a party host so I know how to project my voice in a commanding way to get people to listen," he continued. "I wouldn’t honestly say I try to mimic anybody in particular sound if I hear a beat that I would actually take my time to hop on. I just be the missing instrument to the beat and do what I feel is needed to make it a hit."

When asked about one reason that he's passionate music, Splash had this to say: "What really motivates me is the haters and non-believers. You need them type of people to make you go harder. Not everybody gone like every song but you can’t let that break you -- instead go harder."

Splash's past projects are also a testament to the turn up nature of his music. You can check out his Spotify below, which features other notable tracks such as "6am" and "Im Geeked."

As far as what's next for Splash Rob, he says that he's getting ready to release the official video for "Right Now."

You can follow him on social media @Partywitsplash. Be sure to stream "Right Now," below.