• Tallie Spencer

St. Louis rapper A-Game secured the bag with his performance at the REVOLT Summit in L.A.

A-Game is an upcoming hip-hop artist from St. Louis who has recently been making moves in the music industry. The extremely talented individual recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career, and made his voice heard in a big way.

This past fall, the rapper and songwriter took home the top prize at the REVOLT Summit's “Be Heard” competition in Los Angeles hosted by Ray J and . His prize included a $5,000 check from Diddy, and a chance to perform his song in front of hundreds of people at the summit.

Eager to maintain his level of consistency, A-Game told @RemixdMag that he's been putting in work to ensure his music is quality every time. In the recent interview, A-Game also said that he thinks "consistency is the main thing you need" to be successful in the industry. The hip-hop artist also revealed that Jay-Z is one of his main influences, and knows just about every song in his catalog. (We made him prove that by pop-quizzing him on Jay-Z hits on our Instagram Live interview, and it's true!)

He recently dropped an album on April 10th, called "Heating Up," which is available to listen to on all streaming platforms. The project is a 10-track album that includes fan-favorites like "Derrick Rose," featuring Dax and "Rollin With You," featuring Guordan Banks. A-Game's unique sound and talent, combined with his consistent work ethic and dedication, has potential to make him a stand-out artist in 2020.

In the meantime, follow A-Game on Instagram and stream his latest project. You can watch a clip of our interview on @RemixdMag.