• Michaela Greene

St.Louis rapper Don’te Denero drops a club banger with "Bad Bitch Roll Call" featuring Rahli

Up-and-coming artist Don'te Denero shakes the club scene with his latest single "Bad Bitch Roll Call." By featuring fellow St. Louis native Rahli, this is an exciting track with a catchy hook that will keep you moving anytime you press play.

"This single is just about having fun, to be honest, this a club banger for sho." said Don'te Denero in his latest interview with Remixd Magazine.

From one of the country's deadliest cities of St.Louis Missouri, Denero has used his upbringing as a drive to fuel his music and is ready to take the game by storm.

"I’ve been through enough pain to break 10 men. I really use music to express myself in whatever way I’m feeling," said Don'te Denero. "I got into music because of my late big brother (Dino PaChino). He was in the studio at age 12 recording albums back to back."

Don'te Denero has been making music since he was 12 years old, so the rap game means more to him than just fame and fortune. The artist expressed to Remixd Magazine that his greatest joy is bringing his family together and seeing them become happy about what he is creating in the booth.

"My music is the gel holding my family together after 2020. I lost my mother in January 2020 and my brother Dino in September 2020. I feel like the ball is left in my hands with five seconds left on the shot clock and I've got to score. All my preparations led me to this point so I know what I’m capable of. Gotta execute."

With influences from the likes of Lil Wayne, Donte Denero uses his musical inspirations to create a unique sound and stand out from the rest.

"My sound is just different, and you can honestly feel what I'm saying through the music," said the rapper. "I feel like my music can touch souls around the world so the sky is the limit with me."

With his strong-minded mentality paired with powerful dedication, Dont'e Denero will continue to elevate as an artist. Donte Denero continued to express a message he hopes fans take away from his music:

"That crashing out ain’t cool; Invest in yourself mentally, physically, and financially and everything else follows."

Be sure to stream his newest single "Bad B**** Roll Call" out now on all platforms! Lastly, be on the lookout for what's next from him (hint, 'Traumatized Reloaded' will be out next!).