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R&B/Hip-Hop artist Steve Harmony talks upcoming single "Distance"

"Stay blessed. Stay positive. Tough times make you tougher," Steve Harmony told REMIXD Magazine.

Steve Harmony is a Toronto-based rising artist who is pursuing his passions and embarking on his musical journey full-time. Harmony creates Hip-Hop/R&B music that's rhythmic, melodic, and easy for anyone to vibe to. His sound combines singing and rapping, while talking about real, grounded concepts.

The artist believes that music is the ultimate way to tell stories, and says that music can bring a person into (and out of) a variety of different moods and emotions.

"I find it is the ultimate way to tell stories. But I’m also a little bit Ben Parker-Ish (Spider-Man’s Uncle) with the knowledge of that power in being responsible with how you use it," Harmony told REMIXD Magazine. "Because truthfully it’s not yours, it’s what you are sharing and how you are doing that."

Harmony is currently preparing to release an upcoming single called "Distance," which is a song that speaks on the toxic effects that a relationship may have, whether it's physically, mentally, or emotionally. The single is officially dropping on May 29th!

"'Distance' is an R&B/TrapSoul song about the ever-evolving common theme and reality of broken relationships. It directly explains the physical, mental, and especially the emotional distance of a strenuous and toxic relationship," he explains.

Some of his main musical influences are "Michael Jackson, 2pac, Kanye, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Phil Collins, Mary J Blidge, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, and Toni Braxton."

When listening to songs like, "Blessed by You," and "See You," it's easy to hear the passion that Harmony conveys in his tracks.

The artist describes the music he makes as soulful, mellow, and overall conscious R&B.

As far as his plans and goals for the future, Harmony says that he wants to be able to establish himself as an R&B artist, as a songwriter, and become a producer for others.

"I am also part of an R&B group called Royal Rated Harmony (RRH) and want to see that group take music and content creativity to the next level," said Harmony.

The last single that Harmony released is called “The Second Coming,” which he says is a "biblically inspired song speaking about the prophetic return of Christ the Messiah, spoken of in The Book of Revelation 19:11-18."

Harmony told REMIXD Magazine that he has a foundational belief in the Bible, so that's why it's one of the projects he's most proud of.

Before he drops his solo EP project by the end of the year, the artist plans on releasing consistent singles beforehand in an effort to maximize the reach of his music. He also revealed that he plans on dropping a few projects with his R&B group this year as well.

"As long as I have a loyal community that considers and knows where to find Steve Harmony & Royal Rated Harmony’s Music and content, I’ll keep serving," Harmony said.

One of the main messages he hopes fans take away from his music is to "stay blessed" and "stay positive," because "tough times make you tougher."

You can follow Steve Harmony on social media @steveharmony3 and be sure to keep him on your radar because his next project, "Distance," will surely make you a fan.

Make sure you stream "Distance" when it drops on May 29th, available to listen to on all platforms!