Summer Walker's "Session 32" & "U Make Me Wanna" performance with Usher was everything we needed

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Photo via Instagram @laceyduke

Summer Walker's showstopping performance at the BET awards had fans in a dream-like trance from their very own homes.

The beautiful stage environment and blissful ambiance were brought to life by award-winning director, Lacey Duke, and her team of creatives. For a few minutes, the audience was able to escape unprecedented realities and dive into a pastel R&B fantasy.

"I pulled this creative together in like 3 days. I wanted to do something super chill and R&B," Duke explained via Instagram post. "I was like, 'pink clouds in a black void, like you at the house, but you not at the house.'"

On stage, we had the pleasure of laying our eyes on the barefooted beauty, sitting pretty and strumming her guitar as she serenaded the audience with, "Session 32" a single that Summer Walker released in 2018.

"U Make Me Wanna," the Usher collaboration from her hit album Over It, was performed directly after "Session 32," with a guest appearance from Usher, complimenting each other's voices flawlessly for a perfect performance.

In case you missed it, you can stream the performance below.