• Michaela Greene

Surfa Solo starts a wave with his latest project 'Ice City'

Surfa Solo, the upcoming rapper from Oakland, California, has made a statement with his latest project Ice City. As the project represents Surfa Solo's hometown and the real-life situations he has overcome, the artist also showcased his catchy melodic flow with a Bay Area twist that greatly contributes to this masterpiece of an EP.

Rapper Surfa Solo is setting the tone with his first major project. Gaining inspiration from the likes of Michael Jackson, Tupac, Future, and Drake, this artist used what he studied from the greats to contribute to his music career. In a recent interview with Remixd Magazine, the rapper expressed why he is passionate about music:

"I gain my passion out of the feeling and journey of making music, it motivates me when I'm in the booth and gives my everyday life meaning. I can gain energy from it. My legacy inspires me to always keep pushing to leave a lasting imprint behind."

There was a turning point in Surfa Solo's life that made him want to dedicate his career to music;"I was fresh out of jail and my brother was all over the radio. It inspired me to pursue music." Surfa Solo continued to share. "While in jail, I knew at that moment when I was getting released, it was on and poppin'."

Surfa Solo has successfully achieved his goal thus far; from getting plays on radio stations to creating entertaining visuals for his singles, the artist has major plans to keep his name alive in the rap scene. A message the rapper wants fans to take away from his latest project is:

"Love yourself, where you come from, and where you headed," Surfa Solo said.

Be sure to stream Surfa Solo's latest EP Ice City out now on all platforms!