• Tallie Spencer

Listen: SX's new single "Dumb Luck" is officially out now

SX at Queen & Spadina by Ben Pretzer

Toronto-based artist and songwriter SX just dropped a brand new single called "Dumb Luck." As a follow-up to his debut self-titled EP SX, the new track showcases the artist's ability to creatively write and deliver a new and promising sound to his audience.

REMIXD Magazine had a chance to speak with the 27-year-old artist, who said he began pursuing his music career seriously just two years ago. Although he's new in his journey, SX told REMIXD that he has already written nearly 100 songs for local Toronto artists, and ultimately sees himself as someone who is best known for writing hits for other artists, while having a solo discography that showcases his individual talent.

"My passion for songwriting and a desire to use my talents to the fullest are what ultimately inspired me to get into the music business," SX said. "I see myself in line with the likes of The Dream and Ty Dolla $ign."

When asked what inspired him to pursue a career in music, SX responded "In my early teens, I wanted to be a producer like Kanye since I heard his work on The Blueprint. "Izzo" is one of my fave tracks of all time and it’s largely due to Ye’s production."

The artist has a melodic songwriting style that could be categorized into the hip-hop genre with a R&B/soul fusion.

He describes his sound as where "trapsoul meets backpack rap -- Trap Pack."

"You can hear exactly what [Trap Pack] sounds like on “Phoenix” and “Masters” off my debut EP SX."

Growing up in Brampton, SX says that being exposed to music such as reggae, dancehall, and Soca, from various cultures has played a huge role in shaping his sound as an artist and songwriter.

Some of his goals as a musician include creating music that is "meaningful, impactful, and most importantly memorable."

"Music is the greatest means of communication known to mankind," the artist told REMIXD Magazine. "If I write a song with the perfect combination of rhythm, harmony and melody you can hear it once and remember it for a lifetime. That’s what I strive to do for every artist I work with."

When asked about what's next for him, the artist said that he's looking forward to the world reopening so that he can release more music that he's written for local acts in Toronto. He also revealed that his most recent single, "Dumb Luck," is the lead track for his upcoming EP called Breakthrough.

"'Dumb Luck' is a new sound for me," SX said. "Hard hitting bass, aggressive bars and a hook guaranteed to get the club turnt up!"

Lastly, SX wants fans to take away an important message from his music.

"I hope fans hear a bit of themselves in my music," he said. "Listening to a song written by SX should help people process their emotions. Whether it be passion, frustration, joy, sorrow or excitement music has always been an outlet for life’s experiences. I want to offer that outlet to my fans and their friends with my music."

You can listen to "Dumb Luck," below. Follow SX on social media to keep up with his upcoming releases as well @sxsoundoff.