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Tay Walker releases first single of 2020 called "Murder"

Talented artist Tay Walker just dropped his first single of 2020 titled "Murder." The track is a melodic R&B tune that immediately pulls listeners in, and delivers an incredible message about dealing with the frustration of everyday struggle.

The rising star is the original keyboardist of The Internet, and was a frequent collaborator with the late Mac Miller. The single is accompanied by his self-reflective R&B/Pop driven project titled L.U.X., which is now available to stream on all platforms.

With its captivating tone and unique beat, "Murder" showcases Walker's talents in a way that will surely engage audiences. Walker's vocals shine through in the song, and position him to be a true talent and a force to be reckoned with.

On the track "Murder," Walker explains his pain from living in everyday America, after touching on things like gentrification, lack of resources, and education and health.

As he does in most of his projects, Walker seems to be tackling topics that are important to him. According to Walker, the goal of his music is that he "Wants to give the people music they can reflect and grow with."

In the upcoming months, the artist plans on releasing another EP. In the meantime take a listen to "Murder" and the complete L.U.X. project below.

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